Fun with mother

Fun with mother

Yep, I took mother to Walmart. It started out with following 3 young, nice looking firemen who pulled up in the truck, dressed in their gear. Mother was almost giddy commenting on how young and cute they were, she even made me blush by saying a bit too loud behind them how cute their little tush’s were. I slapped her arm and hushed her before one of them turned around to see who was following them. I finally dragged her away from the young men trying to pick out a freshly made Walmart pizza, and got her to the deli where she could examine every salad, chicken breast, lunch meat and her very favorite, the hot dogs wrapped in foil. After a full five minutes of humming, examining, poking, squeezing, complaining and showing me which salad or sandwich to grap and which one to never, ever put in my mouth, she settled for one broccoli salad and ordered two pounds which was waaaaay more than she expected! So out of the goodness of her mommy heart, she gave me the extra container of broccoli salad…or because she knew she could never eat two large containers before the expiration date. We turned the corner by the produce when something silver flashed in her eyes off the floor! A quarter! Oh the joy! Mother collects and saves quarters! She did a little side step around her cart and practically ran to that gleaming coin. She picked up her treasure showed it me and loudly exclaimed that she has another quarter for her collection! Before I could roll my eyes, she let out a loud gasp! Another silver coin! It was only a dime but by george, it’s money! She scooped up that dime so fast that I didn’t even see it! Then she joyfully let out another little squeal…a penny! Theres money all over the place! She got that other coin, then demanded that I help her look for more lost coins. I informed her that there are no more coins, she found them all. Well, mother didn’t want to hear that, after all she has rent to pay and needs the extra cash! She wanted me to look under the produce shelf in case some coins or maybe even a dollar rolled under it. I put my foot down and told her that there is no way on this green earth that I was going to crawl around on the dirty floor looking under shelves for a possible coin! She glared at me for a moment, marched over to my cart and took back the extra container of broccoli salad.


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