Farm chore day!

What a beautiful sunny day down on the farm! Nothing better than sitting high up on the hay loft watching Super Farmer throw 50lb hay bales off the loft so he can feed many large, think they are starving, feed me now because I haven’t eaten for almost 5 full minutes animals.

This is my kind of farm work!
Oh honey, YOUR goat got out again and is in the garage eating your papers! Better go get him! And by the way, YOUR donkey is in the llama pasture, he needs to be chased out! Oh look…YOUR ducks, are swimming in the horse’s water bin, gotta get them out before they poop in it and you have to dump it, then refill it! And where is YOUR pig at?? Find her before she eats the flock block again! And is YOUR woolly mammoth in a coma again? I told you not to feed her so much alfalfa…it makes her sick…better go rub her tummy! Whats that I hear? Gobble Gobble is barking at the neighbor kids again! You know how they hate being barked at by a turkey! Who the heck has a barking turkey anyway? Oh yeah…us! Better chase YOUR watch turkey away from the fence before she barks herself into a frenzy! Oh no! Lincoln is screaming at the nice neighbor man walking past with his two fluff balls in the matching purple sweaters…you need to apologize for YOUR alpacas bad behavior! One more thing, the dogs are barking at the family’s strolling past, you better round up YOUR snarling hounds before the neighbors stop talking to us!!!
Yep, it’s a great farm chore day!!


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