Sweetie and her annoying friends

I feel sorry for Sweetie because she is kind of a loner. She likes to hang with only one other animal, Violet, our other girl llama. For some strange reason, the goat Sugar Baby and the not-so-mini pig Remi Doodles, just looooooove to hang around and follow her. The pig spent the first 3 months living on our farm glistening with green llama spit. Remi followed, sat with, and tried to munch along side super annoyed Sweetie. The llama couldn’t stand the pig and galloped away every time Remi waddled towards her. Of course, it never worked because the pig ran as fast as those stubby little legs would go behind her trying to keep with her one sided new BFF! (I have video of them going around and around the hay trough outside in the middle of the pasture) Sweetie is seen trying to stay far away from her fat little annoyance while grabbing a mouthful of hay, as Remi followed within inches. Poor Sweetie, she just couldn’t get that pig to bond with someone else. So the pig wore her coat of llama spit with love and Sweetie got a lot of exercise last summer.
Now, she has Sugar Baby the goat who adopted her as mama. Sweetie cares for goats as much as she does pigs…not at all! But, Sugar Baby loooooooves his new mama and yes, that’s right, follows her around like a preteen boy with his very first crush. If you drive past the farm, you will notice that the goat has joined the rough and tough, fierce, big & bad, known throughout Indiana as the “Llama Drama” gang. Sugar Baby has bonded (one sided) with the leader of the pack…Sweetie! Because the goat is more tolerable than the pig, our llama leader puts up with him. He is allowed to stand next to her, snack alongside her and even lay close to his llama mama.
Sweetie and her pig and her goat. They love, adore, and admire their favorite llama…as do the other llamas because she keeps brat #1 & #2 away from them!


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