Fun with mother in Kroger’s

Fun with mother

I should know by now that every time I go to the store with mother, it’s going to be an adventure that I really don’t care for.

I took her to Krogers so she could stock up on Coke products that are on sale. Nothing makes mom happier than yellow sale signs stuck above the cases of Cherry-Vannila-Zero-Diet and regular Coke! It’s like she turns into a 5 year old who just spotted a jar of Tootsie Pops! She did a little dance with her cane, pointing to the cases she wants ME to pick up…off the bottom shelf of course, and safely put them in her basket before another Coke fanatic comes down the isle and spots those neon yellow sale signs! I got her 3 cases and waited for her to pick out the 4th one. After what seemed like 20 minutes of staring at red and gold boxes, she exclaimed that her beloved Cherry DIET Coke was nowhere to be seen! Oh no! She spotted a case of something on the bottom shelf waaaaaaaaay in the back hiding. And guess who had to get on her knees and crawl into the shelf to grab a case of coke! Yep…ME! I wiggled in there, grabbed that box, and pulled it out. I handed it to mother who quickly frowned, informing me that I grabbed the wrong one! She wants Cherry DIET Coke…not regular Cherry Coke. She swatted me with her cane and demanded that I crawl back under there and get her that DIET Cherry! I said, “mom, that’s all that’s under there! There is NO diet cherry coke, they’re out! Plus I am NOT crawling in there again!!” She blinked at me a couple of times with a deadpan face, then cheerfully said, “oh that’s okay honey, I don’t care for it that much anyway, just get me another Vanilla, that’s my favorite!”


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