Farm sounds!

I’m sitting in the furthest room of the house away from the animals who are on a mission to destroy everything thing that was once green in the pasture. And what do I hear? Dunkay! I swear he has a secret bullhorn to HEEEEE HAAAAW into! He is so loud that he could stop a train! We live across from Crestview subdivision and I bet that every person who lives there has heard him at some point since we’ve moved here! It wouldn’t surprise me that on the first Saturday of every month at 11am when the city test the tornado sirens, that folks come outside, cock their heads and ask all the other neighbors standing outside their homes, “Is that the siren, or is it the annoying donkey who lives at that wacky farm again?”

Everybody has heard Dunkay hee haw for his breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 500 snacks everyday. They’ve also heard Lincoln the alpaca scream out his warning cry towards every dog, rabbit hoping past, bird flying overhead, jogger, families going for a stroll down a picturesque quiet (hahahahaha)country road, bicyclist, folks getting their mail and the UPS driver delivering packages…the rooster who practices his manly crow from 9pm to 7am the next morning…and of course the womans non stop voice commands of, “STOP IT! BE QUIET! LEAVE HIM ALONE! BE NICE! DROP THAT CHICKEN RIGHT NOW! NO MORE GRAIN! GET OVER HERE! THATS NOT YOUR HAY! SERIOUSLY? GET BACK ON YOUR OWN SIDE! DON’T MAKE ME WALK OUT THERE! WHAT DID YOU THREE DO WITH SAMMIE AGAIN? DON’T YOU LLAMAS ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME!! STOP TEASING THE PIG! I’M TELLING SUPER FARMER ON YOU!!”

Yep, the sounds of our farm.


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