Digging out the animals

Well, Chad went out to the barn, and fought with that frozen shut door for about 20 minutes. He pushed, shoved, yelled at, hit it multiple times, shoveled away snow, poured hot water on it, shook his fist threatening to do it bodily harm. In desperation he prayed. The stubborn metal door creaked open just enough to let out a large animal, one at a time.
Super Farmer jumped back covering his head with his arms to let the frothing at the mouths, stampeding animals rush past him! After 20 seconds of waiting for fur to blast through the small opening, he decided to go inside the barn to check if their hooves were frozen to the ground or heads stuck inside a hay bale. Nope, they were standing there all in a row, lined up for battle. They glared at him with their famous ‘I ain’t going nowhere’ look. Chad politely told them that the weather was warm and sunny…it would do them some good to get out and stretch, breathing in that fresh country air! They backed up in unison and lowered their heads in a ‘make me’ stance. Now poor Chad is getting frustrated! He just spent 20 minutes digging them out so THEY could enjoy the heat wave of 10 above 0! Those animals were NOT going out that door no matter what he did or said. Chad gave up. However, the pig followed him outside oinking hoping to get an extra treat.


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