Groundhog day!

The groundhog has spoken! An early Spring is right around the corner!
Our llamas however, disagree. They didn’t see their shadow when they came out but made it very clear with body language and narrowed glaring eyes, that they don’t buy this early Spring myth! As a matter of fact when they came out of the barn, they ran in a spitting circle then galloped back into the barn heading straight for the only warm spot. Dunkay not only believes it, he is celebrating by trotting out to the back pasture, frolicking like a young whippersnapper. Laci the woolly mammoth doesn’t care one way or the other as long as she gets fed…a lot…constantly. Because this is Sugar Baby’s first winter, he has been enjoying the hay mounds, chicken coops, Remi’s the not-so-mini-pig house, and everything else he can jump on, climp up and play King Goat of the Hill on! So he has no desire to venture outside. The pig however is so fat that that she doesn’t feel the cold, even with icicles hanging off her nose, therefore she is constantly waddling around inside everybody’s pen, or outside the barn… rooting for dropped grain, birdseed, grass, grubs…anything that will fill up her tummy! So Spring is no big deal for her…everyday is Spring, or Summer, or Fall, or Winter…its all the same to Miss Piggy. So…groundhog day is just another day on the farm. The animals eat, demand, whine, tattle on each other and plan elaborate escapes. Super Farmer and I? Well we are joyously dancing in front of those ding bats because soon we won’t be hauling buckets of splashing water that turns to ice before it hits the ground. Tunneling through 15 foot snow drifts just to feed them, sliding on ice through the barn door knocking over a couple of ducks and turkey like a bowling ball, lecturing animals for the 53rd time in one day about barn etiquette, and no more breaking up fights because one touched the other without permission!


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