Letting out cooped up llamas!

Well now that we’re experiencing an actual heat wave in La Porte county where one can stand outside for 6 minutes before frostbite sets in instead of 5, it’s time we let them llamas out of their not so cozy anymore prison cell…I mean pen, and let them stretch legs, jump around, breathe in that fresh, crisp and frosty air that freezes up their ‘snot’ within 30 seconds, and get away from each other. They can get reacquainted with Dunkay…woolly mammoth and their favorite ‘the creature’ AKA Remi Doodles!

I will get Super Farmer right out there to struggle with the frozen barn door to let out 3 stampeding llamas and one galloping alpaca! I hope his reflexes aren’t numb so he can safely jump out of the way as the swirling snow devil rushes past him!


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