Feeding service!

Me thinks there should be a service out there called ‘Lazy Farmer Feeding Service’. You know, for all us lazy farmers who don’t want to get up, get dressed in 22 layers of clothing, drag ourselves to the barn, trudging through 12 foot snow drifts as the sleet hits the face leaving red welts, with twisting body twirling around like a ballerina when I hit patches of ice as all the treats on the plate fly up into the air like popcorn just to feed more animals than I can count in below 0 weather! (take breath) Instead, I can just pick up the phone, call up ‘Lazy Farmer Feeding Service’ and pay them to come over and do the farm chores! I would so call them today! AND probably tomorrow…heck, all week!
Oh yeah, what am I thinking?! I already have my own ‘Lazy Farmer Feeding Service’. Super Farmer. I just line up his 22 layers of clothing going from the bedroom to the back door…kinda like a path. I stand behind encouraging (well, prodding) him as he puts on layer after layer reminding how much those animals adore him and that they appreciate his efforts to take care of every need they have! (his response, blank stare) I get the plate of treats ready on a paper plate so it doesn’t shatter on the glass like ice. Kiss him on the forehead because it’s the only skin showing, and tell him not to worry, I’ll be praying for him as I watch (filming) from the big picture window facing the barn along with Biscuit and Chippie. Yep, works for me!! (blank stare continues)


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