On no! A possible blizzard?

So, like everyone else, I rushed to Walmart yesterday to stock up on bread and milk in case we got snowed in with the 3 inches of snow they were predicting. After all, that 3 inches might build up against our door for days not letting us out! Anyhoo…I filled up my cart with all the necessities that one must have for a possible blizzard wannabe that could trap us for days! I got my Dove dark chocolates, milk, and a romantic movie to watch over and over with my honey pie so I can hit him in the arm saying loving things like, “you dont say those things to me! You never take me somewhere special! I don’t get those kind of gifts!” By the time we’re done with our love story movie, he has a black and blue arm and I am now mad at him for the rest of week. Hopefully for him the ‘shut us in storm’ will last only hours instead of days!

And…I’m in Walmart with my ‘500+ must have items in case the storm hits us’, when I decide I better check out before something else jumps in my basket because it thinks it’s a party in there! Every check out has a line of people snaking past the jewelry counter, making one feel like like they’re at Disney World waiting to get on Mr Toad’s Wild Ride! Suddenly, I spot one self check out machine that’s open! I turn my cart so fast it’s on two wheels and pick up my pace to get to the machine. Out of the corner of my eye, I see an old lady with a cart that is fuller than mine, heading towards MY machine! I go a little faster, and so does the gray haired woman with a cane who seems to get a burst of energy that she hasn’t experienced in the last 20 some years! I maneuver around a couple of displays with all the ‘As Seen On TV’ gadgets, and she goes around a stand filled with children’s plush unicorns, turtles and shooting star projector puppies that surely keeps them wide awake at night. The race is on! I forgot my moral code of ‘age before beauty’ and beat her to the machine that was blinking at us. I got there and said ‘ah ha’ in victory which lasted about 1.8 seconds because on my machine, it has ‘cash only!’ My shoulders slumped in defeat, I turned around to leave only to see my competitor standing behind me with a huge smile waving a wad of cash in her hand.


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