Bitty Boy goes to heaven

My Bitty Boy slipped out of my clutching arms and into the healing arms of Jesus tonight. I selfishly held on to my baby for as long as I could. But the Lord wanted him to go home and carried him away. I can’t describe the heart ache that I feel. My little kitten who I bottle fed and who drove me crazy. My little ball of fur who scared the heck out my Pit. The kitty who nursed on my robe every morning and every evening before bed. My little cat who happily sat outside our bedroom door waiting to greet me when I got up every single day. Never in a million years did I think this cat was going die or be taken from me so soon.
I’ve spent the evening thanking God for allowing me to nurture and love this kitty for the last 6 months as the non stop tears spill.

I will praise Him in this storm.

This is the last pic I took of Bitty Boy as I held him before he died. He did not die alone, he was surrounded by his mommy and daddy, brothers and sister. 💔💔😭😭


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