Turkey day!

Yep, its thanksgiving. The day I go out to the barn to gaze upon adorable furry faces, thanking each and every one of them for making my life more enjoyable, fun, exciting, happy, fulfilled and of course…stressful (followed close with annoyance, frustration and temper tantrums). As I sweetly talk to larger than myself fur babies, they lose interest after about the 3rd or 4th word. I usually find myself left with one animal, Dunkay, staring at me with love and adoration…thanking me for being his human. Yeah right, he’s hungry and wants…cookies…sweet potatoes…pumpkin pie…buttered rolls. He knows its turkey day, he can smell every thanksgiving meal being cooked within 5 miles! He’s not looking at me with love, he’s demanding that I include him in the celebration of food, lots and and lots of human food! So after a few minutes of sharing my thankful, heartfelt thoughts to llamas who left and are eating in the field, a horse who fell asleep standing up, a goat who is circling me wondering when is this human going to stop yacking and start feeding, and a donkey who has been slowly backing me up into a corner…I loudly say to them all, “well happy turkey day anyway”!! Of course when I yelled that out, both turkeys looked up at me, turned to each other with an expression of horror, then RAN to the nearest bush to hide! I give up. No more speeches to animals inside the barn.


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