Cheese Gromit, I’m crackers about cheese!

I am happy to say that I snuck in my office to do devotions early this morning and I got to read, pray, plan out Chad’s vacation day with farm chores ALONE! Yep, you read right…
ALONE! I threw a slice of cheese to the hungry, always starving animals that follow me around in the kitchen in case I open up the magic box (fridge) that holds golden nuggets like cheese, left over meatloaf, bologna slices…anything that doesn’t have the word ‘PET’ on the package! They were gathered around me in a tight circle, so I opened the treasure chest to get them a ‘stay away from me’ treat. Once in awhile my bad girl side comes out along with a crazy giggle, and I throw a piece of meat or cheese in the middle of them as I make a mental bet inside my head on who’s going to get it. I usually bet on Chippie because he’s small, fast and has the permanent growl face on…see, moms are right…if you keep making a nasty face, your face will freeze up that way forever!

Anyhoo, I took out the cheese, held it it up so everyone got a good look, letting that cheesy smell drift towards their noses. Then I threw it in the living room as far away from me as I could! They all galloped to the treat that only one can eat! Super Farmer came around the corner, saw the cheese fly past him and said, “hey, isnt that my Wisconsin cheese I just bought!” I answered, “yep, sure is!!” Chad loooooooves his cheese so he ran after the stampede to save his slice of heaven! I watched a football tackle play out in the middle of my living room among sounds of growls, hissing and a couple of choice words! Two dogs, two cats, and a grown man diving towards a stupid slice of cheese. Oh my gosh! Really?! Then this thought flashed through mind…’RUN NANCY TO YOUR OFFICE BEFORE THEY UNTANGLE THEMSELVES!’ I rushed to my office, slammed the door shut, stood there for a few seconds with my back against the door, arms out, smiling that I made it! I can do devotions without a 90 lb Pitbull taking up 80% of my chair, a heavy cat laying across my legs making them go numb, and a growling chihuahua under my robe as a kitten nurses on it!
And by george, that’s what I did! I’m not sure who got the cheese, but my money was on Chippie.


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