Kyle babysits again!

Its amazing how those animals know its sale day and that Kyle will be babysitting them. For some reason, they live to torment him. Maybe it’s because they know if they bully him, he will become their servant and give them everything they want whether they demanded it or not!
While waiting for my son to come over, I noticed that they were all lined up by the fence, waiting, plotting, scheming, making a plan!

Kyle pulled up and they all ran to the gate to make sure he saw them! He saw them alright. The kid tried to go around the bushes so he didn’t make eye contact and hopefully they didn’t see him. They saw him. Those llamas and Dunkay ran to the middle of the field and were huddled like a football team, planning out their schemes. Every few seconds, one would pop his head up and look to see where Kyle was.
My son came through the back door (trying to stay out of their site) and loudly complained that ‘those things’ saw him and were already planning something terrible to do to him! He sat down, put his forehead on the kitchen table, and asked why don’t they like him! He does everything they want, going out of his way to be super duper nice. I sympathetically patted him on the back and with my fingers crossed, I reassured him that they really do like him that’s why they demand his attention, they want to spend quality time with him! He looked up at me, narrowed his eyes and in an almost growl said, “you know that’s NOT true! They just want to torment me! Last time they cornered me in the barn, refusing to let me pass until all the grain was gone! Then they got mad because they all had a stomach ache from eating themselves sick!!”

I wanted to lie to him by saying today will be different, that Chad lectured them this morning along with threats of no sweet grain for the next 15 years, and they promised to be extra, extra, extra sweet today!


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