Is it for real??

You know, if I didn’t live here and experience this stuff first hand, I wouldn’t believe it.

Chad and I were in the back yard trying to get some pre winter things done (noooooo not the ‘W’ word!!), I was next to the Jeep picking up branches when I heard Remi the potbelly pig squeal. I turned around and asked Chad what the heck was going on over there!? He said that Remi and Violet saw the same pile of grain and galloped to it. They were both trying to gobble it up, but Remi didn’t want to share! Violet is a 200lb llama and by george, she wasn’t budging! So they squared off with a tiny mound of sweet grain between them. Remi went in for the kill, Violet said no way! They butted heads which made Remi mad, so she yelled at the llama who then spit at her in the face!
By the time I got over there for a good look, Remi backed off and was wiping her nose off in the grass. I’m not kidding, as all of this was going on, the baby goat was jumping all over the yard like he’s nuts, and the turkey was chasing him!

Its like a circus over here!!


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