Pitbull scared of tiny kitten!

Our kitten who weighs a whopping 6 ounces with the high pitched squeak of a meow, terrifies our Pit! You know, the dog that swore to protect me and the farm when not home. Biscuit chases coyotes off the farm, barks at bumps, screams, yells, bangs and other unnatural sounds in the dead of night! He plants himself between me and people he doesn’t know and gives that pitbull stare. But…when it comes to a hand full of whiskers, he’s off and running! My big bad Pit, cautiously looks around corners in case that kitten is hiding, plotting to attack his paws that are 30 times bigger than its head! Biscuit could be in a deep sleep but as soon as that kitten squeaks, he is off the floor and on my lap! Whenever the kitten yawns out a mighty roar, Biscuit starts to shake in fear, his fur standing on end, eyes darting to and fro searching for the sound! I’m like…’really Biscuit, your scared of a teeny tiny ball of whiskers that could easily fit inside a small duck egg?’ The mighty bottle fed kitten rules the house with an iron paw and a meow that makes scratching the chalkboard sound like music from heaven! Even Misty Blue wont go near him! She too will crouch behind furniture, people, chippie, and do her low kitty cat growl. She watches the kitten with disdain, distrust, as an intrusion! And chippie? He just growls…really…growls? Nooooo, say it ain’t so!

I cant wait to see how they act when he gets bigger and learns how to pounce on heads, swipe at tails, jump onto backs, chase around the house and purr happily in their beds as they stand there in fear, trying to figure out if it’s worth waking him up to get their bed back!

Oh the fun we’re going to have!


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