Spooky garage sale

We were driving down the road when I spotted a big orange sign advertising a garage sale (I can spot them 3 miles down the road!), we noticed that it was in the very back behind a memorial buisness that sells tombstones. We kinda pulled in the driveway to take a peek. I hit chad in the arm and demanded that we turn around NOW as I locked the doors. I refuse to go to a ‘garage sale’ behind tombstones with extra large, bright yellow smiley face stickers plastered on them, pots of half dead flowers lining the drive, and a tall spooky looking guy dressed in a worn black suit who could be Lurch’s twin brother from the Adam’s Family, fidgeting in front of the opening of a very dark garage complete with cobwebs! He motioned us to come on up holding a dented urn (with a sale tag), wearing a wilted white rose on his lapel. We could see tables loaded with creepy items like jars filled with liquid, unusual looking tools, things that I didn’t want to know what they were or what they’re used for! In the very back, we could see a wooden coffin, the kind you see in old western movies with a bright green neon sign flashing, ‘todays deal’ in there. I’m sure if I looked hard enough, I would’ve spotted ravens with red eyes perched in the trees!


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