Fun with mother


Going on a little trip to the store with mom is always an adventure. Sometimes its exciting, sometimes its frustrating, and there are times when its downright unbelievable! Today was all three.
Mother had to take her comcast box to Valpo to exchange it for a new one that actually worked and wasn’t as old as her vintage 500lb box TV that takes 5 minutes to warm up. The drive there was smooth and we had a nice, normal old person conversation…you know, the kind where you talk about bowl movements, how many pills one takes, how joint pain is now in both elbows, one hip, and in 8 fingers…but all toes are still good! We even discussed that one really can have wrinkles behind the knees!

Anyhoo…we finally got to where the Comcast office was supposed to be, so we turned into the strip mall. Mother insisted that it was next to Menards. Nope. She then insisted that it was next to Home Depot. Nope. She then had a lightbulb moment and insisted that it was next to Target. Nope again. She said it was right there, insisting that she saw it from the road…how could it just disappear!? I said I didn’t know, but I’m sure its somewhere in this parking lot! So…we circled the big box stores 3 times (including the alleys) while mothers fingernail pounded on the glass telling me to “turn here, no there, go back, are you listening to me?? Now turn around, over there, why are you stopping? You had the right away! Who keeps honking at us? Slow down, I think I see it, no that was Menards again. Did we check Target, oh yeah we did so never mind, just keep going straight. Should we drive around the back of all the stores again in case we missed it? I know I saw it! It was right here! Why did you turn that way? Does that music have to be so loud? Where are we?”

Yep, we got lost in the parking lot! Who does that?
I decided to go back on the highway, and try it again. On the way out, I saw huge red letters that spelled ‘XFINITY ‘ out of the corner of my eye, next to the road, NOT by a store! I had to go a mile before we could turn around and go back. It only took us 32 minutes of driving in circles around the darn place before we actually saw it.

Mother got her new box and I got to see parts of the parking lot that I didn’t know existed, and really don’t care to see again. I was so glad to get home!


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