A normal conversation

A normal Sunday afternoon conversation

Chad: “where’s Biscuit”?
Me: “still outside”
Chad: “well get him in so we can leave”
Me: “I can’t, he won’t come in”
Chad: “why not? Just call him”
Me: “there’s a pig and a goat in the doorway, and he won’t go past them!”
Chad: “well move them!”
Me: “they won’t move! I tried it already!”
Chad: “really? Just push them!”
Me: “Hello, I tried that already, they’re like water, they just come back together and refuse to move!!”
Chad: “fine, I’ll move them so we can leave”
Me: “okay smartie, move them”
Chad goes out and does his farmer yell along with waving arms and stomping his feet. Both animals look up at him, glance at each other, look back at Chad and take a ‘I dare you to touch me’ stance.
Me: “told you! Not as easy as you thought huh smartie pants!”
Super Farmer rolls up his sleeves, takes a deep breath and starts his mad farmer dance around both animals.
The pig and the goat don’t move except for their heads moving side to side as they watch him do his pow wow dance, whooping his war cry out!
I rolled my eyes, shut the door and called Biscuit to come around to the front where I let him in.


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