Over excited potbelly pig!

This was almost funny. Chad and I got home just after sunset and it wasn’t quite dark yet. He went to fill up the llamas water in front of our garage and I started to take in our groceries. Chad is standing there with the hose, I have 3 sacks of goodies, when he turned to me and said, “what is that thing?” I follow his gaze to the far pasture but I don’t see anything. I replied, “theres nothing out there dear, water your animals.” He answers, “look! in the back field, its running this way…that black thing!” Now I’m almost concerned about his mental state, all I see is weeds, fencing, a few posts, a donkey, a tumbleweed…you know, farm stuff. I turn around to take my now getting heavy sacks into the house, when out of the corner of my eye, I see a black thing barrel it’s way through the gate, run around the car and up to Chad. Its Remi. I didn’t know that a fat little pig could run! Heck she can barely walk she’s so fat! Remi goes up to Chad and starts pushing on his legs, rubbing her pig snout and body all over his pants leaving clumps of piggy snot and bristly hair. He is doing a side step dance holding the hose trying to keep the pig away from his clean work pants. Remi wants her daddy and she wants him NOW! They are going around and around the water bucket. He is pushing her away with his free hand while keeping the hose over the bucket as she grunts, determined to get in a good rub. I laughed out loud and made a funny comment about how the pig loooooooves her daddy!! She heard my voice, looked at me, and by george if that darn pig didn’t start galloping towards me! I said, ” um Chad, your pig is coming at me, make her stop!”. He laughed out loud and made a snooty comment about how Remi just looooves her mommy! She tries to put her dirty snout on me and I find myself doing the farm gal country side step dance with a potbelly! I turned around and RAN with my groceries to the house with an over weight potbelly pig chasing me! I got to the back door and of course it was locked! I’m trapped between the chair and table with a pig coming straight at me as fast as her stubby little legs would go, which by the way, is unbelievably quick! I yelled at Chad to help me as I swung a couple of Kroger plastic bags in front of Remi’s face to keep her from touching me. I could hear my hero laughing as I threatened him with ‘dog house status’ for the next 15 years! I finally got the key to turn and stumbled inside because there was an over excited pitbull trying to go out as I’m trying to get in. I slammed the door and watched through the window at Remi who turned her attention towards poor Dillon the old goat. She ran up to him and put her nose right up to his behind and goosed him which made him jump up and angrily Baaaaaaaaa’d! Last I saw , he was running with the pig a half inch away from his behind to the barn! Chad came to the conclusion that she’s in heat and wants some attention. I for one, will be keeping my distance from an overly excited pig who wants to be loved by anyone at anytime for the next couple of days!


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