Wake up call!

Nothing like being woke up early in the morning by a screaming alpaca outside my bedroom window! I flung back the curtain (I seem to do that a lot!) to see what the heck he is freaking out about this time, only to find it’s that darn pig waaaaaaaaay out in the back pasture running, waddling, moving, galloping…what ever you want to call it (actually, she looks like a boat being tossed in the sea, back and forth…I’m always expecting her to fall over, little miss webbles, she wobbles but she doesn’t fall down!) coming full speed to the house! Lincoln couldn’t tell if it was friend or foe! So to be on the safe side, he decided it was foe and made sure that me and all the neighbors within 100 miles, knew that something was amiss here on the farm…again.


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