The reappearing pig!

I love it when Chad has a ‘Remi moment’! Sometimes I feel like he thinks I make some of this stuff up. He’ll come home and the poor guy isn’t even through the door when I start in on him about HIS animals! I follow him through the house carrying on and on about what they did to me, the yard, the porch, his flower’s, the neighbors trying to walk past. Usually he nods his head in agreement with a glazed look like he’s somewhere else, which I’m sure he is.

Well this morning before he left for work, he came in all frustrated waving his arms talking a mile a minute. This is his story…

‘I went out to feed the goats and chickens and had marshmallows for the goats as a treat. I looked everywhere for that pig, and she was nowhere to be seen. So I dropped a marshmallow in front of Dillon and that stupid pig was right there! One second she was nowhere to be seen, the next she’s grabbing Dillons treat before it hits the ground! I swear, she was not there when I let go of it! She appeared out of thin air BEFORE it hit the ground! How does she do that?! She’s like the butler in Mr Deeds!! I’m not kidding!’

I listened to his Remi tale nodding my head in agreement, secretly howling with laughter inside my head! He stopped, narrowed his eyes at me and demanded to know if I was listening! I replied, “why yes dear, I always listen to you!”

He got frustrated with me because he knew I was enjoying his woe way too much. So he stomped to the back door, peered out and motioned for me to take a look. He said, “see, no pig. Do YOU see her anywhere? I know that as soon as I step outside, she’ll be within inches of me!!”

I loving patted him on the back and reassured him that she’s in the barn now stealing Dunkays food.
He slowly opened the door, stuck his head out, looked both ways then ran to the car. Last I saw, he was running towards his silver HHR with Remi galloping a foot behind him, yelling at her to get the heck away from him as his silk tie flapped behind him!!

I guess she wasn’t in the barn after all! LOL LOL LOL!


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