Perfect morning?

So, someone asked me, “what exactly are you looking for in a ‘normal’ morning?”

I had to think about this because our mornings fall under the categories of ‘frantic, unusual, chaotic, hilarious, unbelievable, twilight zone’. There’s nothing normal about living with llamas on your porch, goats in the house eating the Guinea pig food, a potbelly pig that shows up out of nowhere like the butler in Mr Deeds when you try to feed the chickens, a Donkey that chases his tail, a mini horse that stands in a trance most of the day from over eating, llamas and goats who stare at you through windows and doors, a rooster who, on purpose, screams out his before daybreak, COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOOO under your bedroom window on purpose, ducks that swim in a green turtle sandbox, a turkey who barks at the neighbors, barn cats that constantly squabble with each other, swirling around the yard in a dust tornado…I could go on and on!

Back to the original question ‘what would my normal morning look like’.

I snuggled into my overstuffed lazyboy chair with my non stop growling 7lbs of fur and teeth, and daydreamed about my perfect morning!

My ‘normal’ morning would look something like this…

I wake up at 9am to song birds, not 5am to an annoying rooster. I roll over to find a steaming cup of coffee on my nightstand with a loving note with little hearts drawn all over it from my hubby, telling me how much he adores me, how lucky he is to have found me…the perfect wife…along with how he got up extra early to do all of the farm chores just so I could relax all day, take pics, go to garage sales, shop until I drop with a $100 bill!! I fling back the covers, stretch and not worry about stepping on a dog, or try to dodge a growling, snapping chihuahua. I take my cup of joe to the sparkling clean porch without weaving my way through a couple of llamas and a too fat, thinks she’s starving to death pig. I sit alone, not with a baby goat trying to lay on my lap, and listen to birds happily chirping out their praises to the One who created them! Not to chickens squabbling with each other over a worm that one of them is running away with. I sip my perfect cup of coffee watching the tree branches sway in the wind, butterflies flutter past…not at llamas having a ‘date’ in my line of vision and everyone else who happens to drive past the funny farm.

Yep, that about sums it up. I shook my head out of this fantasy dream just in time to watch Sweetie the llama gallop past the window with Dunkay close behind as Lincoln our alpaca stood at the fence screaming out his war cry at the poor guy who, after all these years, is still brave enough to walk his two fluff balls in the matching purple sweaters, past our farm as our turkey barks at them.


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