My not so fun morning

Okay, this was embarrassing. Chad called me this morning after he left for work, asking me to please check on Sugar Baby because he had jumped on the electric gate motor box next to the fence, baaaaaaa’ing at Chad on the other side when he saw him bringing up the trash can and checking the mail. Chad told him to get down, then hurried up to get in the car before he jumped over to him. Super Farmer drove away and called ME to go outside to make sure the goat hadn’t jumped over the fence to follow daddy down the road! Its early morning! The only ones up around here are me, chad, a baby goat and C.S. (short for chicken soup) the annoying, never shuts up rooster! I fling open the curtain, squint my sleepy eyes to see if theres any movement by the gate, and yep…sure enough, theres a goat on the metal silver box with his feet on top of the fence post, baaaaaaaa’ing towards the road! Nancy has to run downstairs, go outside to keep an about to jump over the fence, brown and white spotted baby goat, from chasing a silver HHR down a busy road. Now, did I just burst through the front door and run to him? Heck no! I’m in my pink summer jammies with my fuzzy kitty slippers. I’ve chased animals before in the front yard in my jammies and I think theres a video out there posted of a crazy farm lady in a red puppy dog robe chasing a llama with her arms outstretched yelling! I’m not giving my neighbors or a passerby the opportunity to film me yelling at a goat on top of box in hot pink PJ’s! So, sneaky me hides behind the front porch wood piller, and call to the goat who is still crying for his daddy! He looks at me for a split second, then looks back towards the road and starts up his wailing again. Now, I have to go to the dingbat! I check to see if theres any cars coming, and slowly step towards the animal who is determined to embarrass me. I get half way to the goat when not one, but two work trucks come down the road. So, I have a choice to make…I can casually act like I always walk around outside in cute, hot pink, summer Pj’s or run to the nearest bush to hide. I ran. After both trucks passed, I cautiously made my way to the non stop crying goat keeping an eye out for cars. I got to my now, not-my-favirite-animal, yelling at him to get down from there this instance, wagging my finger in his face. He baaaaaa’d, I scolded. After what seemed like an hour, he jumped down and strutted towards the back yard as I loudly told him, “no treats for you young man!!” I turned around to go back inside when a couple of guys in their yellow and black biking outfits pedaled past and waved. I slapped my hand to my forehead because I forgot that I was in a wide open area in my nightie and kitty cat slippers threatening a cute baby goat! I saw a couple of cars coming but I didn’t care anymore, I’m sure someone is downloading a video of a crazy farm lady in cute, hot pink jammies with gray fuzzy cat slippers, scolding an adorable, innocent baby goat at this very moment!

Can I ever have a normal morning????


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