Taking the trash out with a goat

Note to self…

Never take out a weeks worth of trash when there is a baby goat outside who considers you as his mother, queen, BFF, special human, love of his life!
He followed me either one hoof behind, or in front of me all the way to the gate baaaaaa’ing, going around in circles, running between me and the can, stopping in front of me, looking up with his beautiful doe eyes, trying to figure out which way I’m going! Then I had to play ‘push the goat away from the opening’ as I pulled a large trashcan through without spilling the yucky contents, while Biscuit tried to get between me and the goat which made the goat freak out more by pushing on my legs trying to get out! I’m not kidding…I’m half way through the gate with a large trashcan on wheels that stinks worse than the barn, as a million flies buzz around it, with Sugar Baby between my legs pushing to get out…I’m shoving him back in while balancing a stinking can, trying to keep an eye on Biscuit, making sure that he doesn’t sprint past us to chase a leaf floating across the street!
Me with a dirty green trash container, a small spotted brown and white goat, and a black as night 95lb Pitbull in one small spot…everyone freaking out in their own unique way!

Again, happy birthday to me!


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