A farmers birthday

Does anyone else ever get delusional on their birthday? I do every year. This is how I imagined my special day would be…

I woke up early this morning to the melody of song birds outside my open window with a gentle breeze floating in filled with the fragrance of wildflowers! I fling open the curtains letting the warm rays of the sun hit my face and grin at the thought of turning 29 again. I go downstairs to breakfast being served on the red ‘Your Special’ plate by a smiling husband and grandson who hugs me wishing me happy birthday! I eat my favorite morning foods and wait for hundreds of presents to start coming my way. After I finish the tasty meal, my loving husband and our excited grandson Isaac, make me close my eyes and walk me outside. I open my eyes to see my NEW JEEP with a big red bow on the windshield! I run to my new love, open the door only to find it filled with presents, cash, and a puppy! Then I noticed my sparkly clean animals are lined up at the fence humming ‘happy birthday’!


I woke up way to early on the wrong side of the bed listening to the rooster who is determined to become dinner as the normal farm smells force their way into my room making me close the window. I fling back the curtains to dark clouds and rain drops covering the glass reminding me that 60 is only a year away now, and that makes me frown. I go downstairs to a hungry child asking for bacon as Chad reminds me that he is still waiting for his coffee. There are no presents. I do dishes, fix the ‘oh BaBa, I’m starving to death’ child his bacon and give Chad his cup of coffee because he’s sitting there with his hand out waiting. I then go outside to feed an unhappy fat pig because her breakfast is late, a baby goat who wants to sit on my lap and look for a new Jeep that I know isn’t there. My not so clean animals are spitting at each other in the field and pay no attention to me! I go back inside to find chippie growling at Biscuit, Isaac walking past me with a handful of wet paper towels (not a good sign) and Chad cat napping on the couch. ☹

Happy birthday to me!


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