Mama is sick

Well, I managed to make myself sick. Headache, chills, sore throat, and wanting my mommy in a big way! I can’t have her, so I made poor chad cuddle and hold me ALL night! I throughly enjoyed my night of chills, aches and cuddles. Chad however, is putting up with, “oh honey, I’m thirsty again…can you get me some more pop? Can you move your arm under my head to the right side? No, the left…middle? Never mind, put it back where you had it. Gosh hon, I’m freezing again, can you cuddle closer? Not so close, it’s hot. I need more aspirin, can you get it for me…quickly, I’m freezing again and need to snuggle closer. Isn’t chippie cute how he’s snuggled between us? No honey pie, he isn’t growling just at you, or daring you to move him so he can snap, just don’t touch him.”

Yep, that’s my loving hubby’s night. I’m almost enjoying being sick!

“Oh honey poo, I need your arm to move again to the right…no left…try the middle, forget it hon…the way you had it was perfect so please stop moving!”


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