Missed me? Ha!

Silly me. I was actually missing the llamas being in the back yard hanging with me, because we’ve been busy working on the yard and spent the weekend in WI for a family reunion (yes Kyle stayed and babysat the natives). So I went out to the front pasture to say howdy farmer style and invited them to into the humans area of plenty (I needed the grass mowed). I went to the gate with my llama train following close behind, opened up the way to lush green grass and tasty weeds, and they went from sweet, adorable fur balls to angry, starving, me first, me first, me first, me first monsters in 1.7 seconds! They pushed past me spitting at each other, trying to get to my birfeeders, leaving me in a fur filled dust cloud! After I successfully waved the dirt floating around me away, I slapped my hand to my head realizing that the natives weren’t interested in me and my wonderful company, they only want what doesn’t belong to them like my birdseed and Chad’s wildflowers! I quickly shut and locked the gate before Dunkay realized it was opened, and sprinted to the back yard to see what I had done! In that 23.2 seconds of freedom, all my bird feeders were empty, the porch chairs were knocked over, 90% of Chad’s flowers were leafless stems and Sweetie had her head buried inside the tub of scratch grain as Lincoln galloped past me with the empty feed sack hanging out of his mouth while Sammie chased him thinking there were tasty morsels still inside. The only one ‘behaving’ herself was Violet! She was standing there watching the mayhem, so I stood next to my confused looking llama and whispered, “why do I do this to myself?! You’d think I’d know better after 9 years with these animals!!’ Violet shifted legs, gave out a long drawn out sigh, and glanced at me like, ‘yep, we rule you drool’.


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