Phone talk!

Oh my gosh, I wish I had recorded mine and Chad’s conversation on the phone. He called to tell me his 12 year old car that we desperately need to replace but can’t, you know, the one our mechanic calls ‘the death trap’, needs brakes again. That car should be next to new with all the repairs that we’ve done this last year! Anyhoo…as we’re talking, I see Dunkay strolling past the window.

Our conversation

Me, “your donkey just walked past the window, he’s out again”
Chad, “what do you mean he’s out again! I put him back this morning because he was on the porch trashing it! I doubled the cord around the gate! There’s no way!!”
Me, “well, he’s out”
Chad, “did you go out there and not lock the gate?”
Me, “no dear, I’m still inside cleaning YOUR house!”
Chad, “well how in the heck did he get out!”
Me, silence
Chad, “he’s a pain in the butt! I’ve chased him 2 times now! Plus he ate some of my flowers that were starting to bloom!”
Me, “I guess three times a charm” (giggle)
Chad, “your not funny”
Me, “yeah I am”
Chad, “no your not and I’m not chasing that stupid animal when I get home either ”
Me, “I hope he doesnt eat your sunflowers in the back (laughing)
Chad making groaning sounds
Me, “I will try to chase him back but you know he doesnt listen to me, but I’ll try”

We ended our fun little talk without the normal gushy sounds of of kisses and ‘I love you’, ‘no I love you more’…’ not possible cause I just loooooooves you more than life itself’ mushy stuff!

So Nancy being the loving wife that she is, went outside to chase an animal that refuses to listen to save her hubby’s flowers that he has been caring for all Summer (he takes me out to the back every other day to proudly show off his little pink, yellow, and purple wild flowers that he grew from seeds) only to find Dunkay munching away on, yes that’s right, Super Farmers blooming babies!

Good news, I got the naughty donkey away from the wild flowers and the sunflowers have most of their petals left! Bad news, chad has two tiny wildflowers left and a lot of leafless stems.

I’m not calling him back.


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