The reappearing pig

Remi our potbelly pig is downright spooky! As you can guess, she likes to eat…constantly…non stop. She goes out of her way to steal food from every animal and bird on the farm, and stares at the house waiting for signs of people to come out and feed her. Well, I dont want to feed her every single time I step out the door! Sometimes I want to walk outside, stretch out my arms, deeply breathe in the fresh country air with a touch of farm scent, listen to the ducks quack, the turkey bark, the chickens squabble, the goat Baaaaaa like theres no tomorrow and not feel the ground shake because I have an overweight, starving, excited to see me, pig running ( if you can call it that) towards me full speed…which by the way isn’t very fast, heck I could go in the house, fix a pot of coffee, go back outside and she would still be waddling towards the house!

So there are times when I sneak out, look around to see if I can spot her. Then I feed the patiently waiting birds. I get my cup of scratch grain, find a big spot to dump it so everyone can peck away happily and in peace, only to turn around and see an angry black pig with beady eyes squinting at me because she knows I was trying to let other animals besides just her eat! God forbid! I have yet to figure out how she does that! One second there is no pig anywhere in sight, (and I check too by looking behind trees, in the tall grass, under tables, around corners), the next second…poof…there she is, inches away from me! I didn’t see or hear her coming! She just appears out of nowhere! Shes like the butler in the movie Mr Deeds! Your standing alone, you turn around and there’s someone a mere inch standing behind or next to you! Its creepy!


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