Headless horseman?

Around 1am last night my dogs started barking and were running from window to window acting like rabid dogs. So I go to the back door to peek out trying to see if there was anything sinister lurking in the dark. Nothing. I scold the dogs and decide to go outside, alone, to see if I can spot something…not one of my brightest ideas. Me, a grandma in pink jammies with kitty cat slippers, outside in the yard looking for…?
Then I heard it! A strange high pitched squeal followed by a galloping sound. My thoughts automatically go to the angry headless horseman, my kitty slippers look up at me in fear, the moon goes behind a spooky cloud, the dogs stop barking inside the house because they are trying to crawl under the covers with Super Farmer! I’m alone with whatever is running towards me making an awful cry! I stand waiting (because my legs won’t budge) to see a blurry spotted white thing run past the porch and around the corner. Now I’m freaked! I go back into the house, jump in bed with Chad and two whining dogs, pull the covers over my head and yell at my still snoring hubby to get up and go outside to save our animals from the ghostly figure thats galloping around our house!! After some fast talking, pleading and a shove out of the bed…he gives in, gets dressed, and mumbles something about separate bedrooms with locks. I follow him out, staying within an inch behind him, looking over his shoulder. I point to the direction of the thing loose in our yard. After a few seconds, the loud unearthly sound rings out in the cool, quiet of the night, followed by the sound of many hooves! Chad backs up a bit, I have my hands on his shoulders from behind whispering, “see, I told you! It’s the headless horseman! He’s here and boy is he mad at you!” My now wide awake husband turns to look at me and loudly says,”what do you mean he’s mad at ME?” I reply, “well I haven’t done anything wrong! It has to be YOU!!”
Just then the thing comes running onto the porch and practically knocked us over! Its CHADS donkey! Dunkay cocks his head at us, let’s out a pitiful whinny and takes off running to the gate. He wants to go to bed! I slap chad on the back and accuse him of leaving HIS donkey out alone! My loving hubby glares at me and reminds me that I was the one who was home all day with MY animals, he never saw them! We walk to the waiting donkey by the gate to let him in so he can snuggle with Laci to sleep. Of course all this commotion woke up the pig who came waddling out to see if we brought her a midnight snack.

Yep, never a dull moment!!


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