Wake up chad!!

And how does Super Farmer wake up on his days off??  An 85 pound Pit jumps on him trying to kiss him, then lays flat on top of Super Farmer! That’s when the tug of war for the blanket begins. Chad pulls it over his head demanding he get off of him, Biscuit hunkers down, sticking his nose under the cover to get a lick or 20 in!  Chad then tries to push him off calling Bisk some not so nice names.  The huge powerful Pit squeezes between chad and the bed with his paws over his chest still trying to kiss! AND… as all of this is going on, Chippie is under the covers growing and snapping at Biscuit through the blanket! So my now wide awake husband is trying to fight off the love and adoration of a Pit while avoiding the sharp tiny teeth of a chiahauhau as I laugh! I love it! Unfortunately, I can not take photos or film because I have been threatened with bodily harm if they ever get on Facebook! At least I get to enjoy the show every week!  Oh Chaddie, isn’t it nice to be loved and adored by a Pitbull and his tiny snarling side kick??


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