The spider dance

AARRGGHH! I just did the “GET THE SPIDER OFF OF ME” dance! I was making my bed, turned the sheet over to pull it up, when I saw a big, hairy, 200 legged, ugly brown, beady eyed, spider looking up at me! I grabbed some Kleenex, chased it down my bed and caught it! I’m sorry, but I did the death squish on it. I opened up the ball of tissue to make sure it wasn’t breathing anymore, only to find it was still alive and now angry! It jumped out of the Kleenex and landed on my arm! I was dancing around the room flinging my arm around trying to keep it from taking revenge by biting me! Biscuit heard the commotion, ran into our bedroom to save his mama! The hairy horror lost its death grip on my arm, flew through the air and landed in front of Biscuit who was dancing with me. The spider got on its back legs, raised its front legs towards Biscuit ready to fight! And what did my fearless Pitbull do? He turned around and ran out of the room, leaving me with a very, very mad spider. I was about to faint when Chad came in and instinctively stepped on it. My hero!! Of course, then he realized he had made the fateful step barefooted and joined me in the now referenced “dance of the Hairy Spider” 😮


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