TV talk

So, I’m sitting here watching TV and I noticed that all of the people in ‘home grown commercials’, use their hands a lot and nod their heads non stop, up and down, side to side, along with talking loud like everyone is hard of hearing.  It’s not a normal way to talk. Of course my imagination starts to go off in a strange direction, and I was wondering what would my animals think if I went out there and loudly talked to them nodding my head like it was going to fall off as my hands were constantly moving, arms waving like I had waaaaaay to much coffee. I can picture it going something like this…

The llamas are peacefully munching the lush green grass, daydreaming about the pasture next to them that we haven’t opened up yet. I go out there, stand in front of them and start my TV talk. They look up at me, mouths full of grass and clover and stare at the crazy farmer lady, wondering what is she up to now and why is she embarrassing them in public…again. They glance at each other, look past me for an escape route, back away slowly then gallop away in different directions.  I shrug my shoulders and go do the ‘talk’ with Dunkay and Laci. The horse falls asleep with boredom, and Dunkay? I imagine that he stands there chewing away, nodding at me like he’s agreeing with everything I’m saying. That’s when I would notice a crowd standing outside our fence filming that ‘crazy farm lady’ as she stands in front of a nodding donkey, head bouncing up and down,  hands and arms waving like shes trying to get a swarm of bees away from her, louding talking about ‘how you deserve someone who will fight for you!’


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