Not my pig!

Well, I’ve had multiple people tag me in a post about a fat little pig waddling down 250N which isn’t far from us. The first tag made me jump off the chair, knock over chippie and run to the back door to see if she was still trying to figure out how to get on the table where the grain was. She was not there. I go into automatic loose-animal-search-mode, and run towards the llamas who were napping under our big oak tree. Poor kids, I freaked them out by running full speed towards them yelling for Remi. After the llamas scampered off in different directions, I kept yelling for that darn pig which made every bird in the many trees we have on the farm, fly up and away squawking. I found her behind the garage napping in the cool tall grass. I carefully tipped toed away, because I didn’t want her to wake up, see me, and follow me to the house harassing me for food.

All I know is that someone else is running down the road with a cup of grain trying to get their fat little porker back to their house. Mine is safe and I’m not being publicly embarrassed by chasing a pig down a road for all to see!


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