Shopping carts!

Shopping anywhere is always an adventure and sometimes embarrassing for me. I’ve noticed that I always pick out the cart that either wobbles from side to side, pulls to the right or left, has a mind of it’s own by turning when I’m going straight, or it clunks so loud that you can hear me in the auto department coming through the front doors! There can be 400 carts sitting there waiting to be picked and I always choose the difficult one. It’s like they see me standing there eyeing them over trying to figure out which one doesn’t squeak, wobble or pull. I think the ones in back push the damaged one towards me then snicker. So, 99.9% of my shopping experience is fighting with my cart and avoiding narrowed eyes that look at me because my cart is so loud, annoyed that they have to cover the ears of their babies as I pass by or jump out of the way because my cart has decided to head towards them as it speeds up on it’s own!
I know, your wondering why I don’t take it back and get another one. Everytime I do, I get one that’s worse! So I just take my difficult cart and shop and try not to angrily talk to it outloud as it wobbles, screams, pulls, and turn corners without me!


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