Fan club?

This is cute. I have a faithful follower who wants to start a fan club for Addie Acres. I told her it would probably only have two members…me and her. Then I thought, no it will have at least 14! My animals! But before they sign up, I can just see Linda Williams advertising with posters on every phone pole to rally up the troops, stand on the street corner with Super Farmer and his bullhorn demanding people to join the fan club, handing out fliers, giving away candy, selling raffle tickets (you win a free 8 x 10 pic with Sammie or Remi), pleading with folks to just look at the site…you know, ways to make us popular among folks who dont really care for farmers.
They would be out in the hot heat shaking hands, making promises, like the fan club would be fun…exciting…complete with perks like free farm fresh eggs!

Then I thought, they would probably only get 3.5 people to sign up, only because they felt sorry for them yelling on the street corner in 100° weather pleading with people. I can see Linda and Chad dragging themselves through the gate with one wrinkled sign up sheet that has less than 4 people on it. That’s when my faithful, devoted, loves me to the ends of the earth and back animals, would line up to sign the fan club form that offers perks (the chickens wouldn’t be thrilled with it). Chad and Linda would get a second wind, pull up a table and chairs, spread out the ‘I promise to be a fan forever and ever’ form and let those barn yard animals sign away! Of course they cant really use a pencil so Chippie will leave a paw print, Biscuit wont be able to get near his because chippie will be growling at him, Dunkay would sneeze on his, Laci will drool on hers, the llamas will spit on their papers, Dillion the old goat will blankly stare at it (so Super Farmer will sign it for him) Remi will eat hers, the birds will leave a feather or 10, and the barn kitties with scratch their forms into tiny shreds! I predict that by the end of the day, we will have close to 30 fans! Of course 25 will be animals and 5 will be real people! Heck, I’m in! Let’s do this!!


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