Traffic farm cop!

Among my many ‘talents’, I’m adding a new one. Traffic cop. Yep, you read right…traffic cop. Or should I say, farm cop. I opened the back pasture today to let the natives enjoy the tall, lush grass and clover. I yelled at them to ‘come on back, the smorgasbord is now open!’

Every head popped up, turned my way and looked. Sammie came galloping towards the open gate and the other ding bats just stood there drooling. I walked to the middle of the pasture…in public you know…and yelled at them again, pointing to the field of plenty as Sammie jumped around like a school boy after the bell rang for the last time until next Fall! They just stood there. Now I’m getting frustrated and super hot standing in sweltering heat trying to get somebody to move. Finally, I marched myself over to the group who seemed glued to the ground (must have been all that water) and in my best farm cop voice, ordered them to move it along and get in that pasture to eat..pointing! They still stood there blinking in confusion. Really? I said, “GO”! They lined up and started to walk, slowly, towards the open gate with me guiding them with whistles and arm movements like a traffic cop! I was moving them along one by one as Sammie was still jumping for joy through the knee high clover ! I didn’t realize how strange I must have looked until a car slowed down to a crawl in front of the farm. I could see smiling faces looking out the windows to watch the show. I nodded my head at the laughing folks and lowered my arms. All llamas and one stubborn alpaca are now jumping in unison in delight through the swaying grass. πŸ™„ Eyes rolling.πŸ™„


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