Pig in the fog

Foggy mornings are always interesting. I never know what I’m going to see or hear in the white mist that mysteriously blankets the farm. I like to sit on the back porch with my coffee and growling chihuahua and watch the llamas appear out of the fog and then disappear again in the cloud cover.
This morning as I’m watching the fog swirl around a llama or three, I could see something small and black darting in and out of the fog in the far back pasture. I got up, carefully put my snarling pup on the swing so I wouldn’t lose a finger, and walked to the edge of the porch ( I couldn’t go out into the driveway in case someone drove by and shook their head in confusion because they thought they saw a pink statue standing there), I squinted my eyes to see what kind of ferocious animal was getting ready to attack my llamas! Just then, the thing saw me and started to run in my direction! The earth was shaking, the fog parted, the llamas galloped away, the goat ran to his house, the donkey yawned, the horse kept on eating, the chickens flapped their wings and squawked, the ducks ran towards it to attack (they’re not afraid of anything!) and the turkey hid behind me! Should I run back into the house? Should I run towards it and protect my herd? Should I sic my growling, snapping, 7lb when soaking wet, dog at it?
I decided to go back to the porch with my frightened turkey and finish my coffee because the ‘thing’ turned out to be Remi. She saw me from waaaaaaaaay back and came galloping for food!


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