Feeding birds chicken!

I need a body cam! This is so funny. I was throwing chicken pieces to the barn kitties, chickens, ducks and turkey (yes they eat chicken…something sick about feeding them one of their own)…I would toss out a piece of white meat, and all the birds along with two cats would watch the chunk fly through the air, all eyes looking upwards, mouths watering, tongues licking their lips! The tasty morsel falls in the middle of the starving misfits who at the same time pounce upon the treat. For a few seconds I cant see anything except fur and feathers in a dust cloud going around and around in a tight circle with the sounds of screeching, clucks, quacks and a gobble!  After the dust, feathers and fur settles, they all turn their heads to look at me because they can see the bowl in my hand. They stare, they wait, they line up! I pick up another piece of walmart’s roasted chicken, hold it in the air, let them get in their ‘its mine-mine-mine-mine’ stance and throw it !  Again, they attack! The kitties jump in the air trying to catch it, the rooster shoves the turkey out of line, and the duck head butts the hen! And who comes running because he sees food being thrown around? Nope…not Dunkay! Lincoln the alpaca! He came galloping to me, stuck his head in the bowl, jumped back, shook his head, then turned around and ran! I’m not kidding! I laughed out loud and said, ” what’s the matter Lincoln? Dont like chicken?”
Last I saw he was running towards the back of the house still shaking his head!


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