Sights and sounds

So, my mother came over for a visit and we were sitting on the back porch swinging away enjoying the sites and sounds of the farm. We watched the ducks chase the hens, Dillion the goat walk into my house, the pig waddle pass by us in her endless search for food more times than can I count, the donkey run around the field kicking up his back legs, the llamas having a date in the front pasture for all to see (my mother turned her flushed head away and I yelled at them to “STOP IT NOW” because we are a ‘G’ rated farm!!), the turkey following the chickens trying to fit in, Laci the mini tank go into a trance because she ate to much, Chippie growl at Biscuit (really? No way!), and the kitties stalk the same sparrow which made them crash into each other (the highlight of my day)! After about ten minutes of all this activity, my mom turned to me and asked, ” is it like this every day”? I answered that they were all doing pretty good, that its a calm day! She frowned, narrowed her eyes at me, and said, “you’ve got to be kidding!” Right then the dogs took off like ‘the hounds from hell’ running and barking to the fence as the same brave jogger who runs, not jog…runs past the farm almost every day, as Lincoln the alpaca screamed out his warning call!


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