The chase!

This is so funny. I was throwing bread to four chickens, one turkey, and two ducks when one of the hens grabbed a piece of bread 2 seconds before the duck got his bill around the tasty morsel. Well, that didn’t sit right with mr duck, as a matter of fact, it made him downright angry! So he tried to attack the hen who took off running with him chasing her, wings flapping. They ran past the rooster who thought to himself, ‘ no way am I going to let some low life duck attack one of my girls!’ So he took off after the duck chasing the hen. The 3 of them ran around the corner of the barn where I couldn’t see them anymore.  I had a good chuckle and thought the show was done so I went back to feeding the turkey and Remi who ran over because she can smell food being thrown a mile away! After about a minute, the 3 birds came running towards me from around the barn, still flapping their wings. The chase was still on! The hen ran into the barn, the duck ran towards me with the rooster close behind. I threw some bread to the birds who stopped in their tracks and ate the crumbs before Remi could waddled over to steal it all. They are now back to being barnyard buddies.

I swear they only do stuff when I dont have a camera ready!


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