Llama? Deer?

So, last night when we were right by the farm coming home after taking pics at lake Michigan, Chad slammed on the breaks, and swerved the Jeep going into our yard by the empty field next to ours. I’m bracing for impact , franictly looking around to spot what he thinks he sees that makes him almost wreck my poor Jeep! But instead of pulling over, he just says, “never mind”. Huh? Never mind what??? We pull in the driveway and I’m looking at him like he’s nutty! He said, “I thought I saw a deer by our fence, but it was only Sammie.” Really? Sammie is all white and doesn’t resemble a deer! I looked toward the back pasture and yep, Sammie was next to the fence eating. I’m sorry, but he doesn’t look like a deer to me. I looked back at Chad with the same ‘are you nutty’ expression, and he’s like…”what! I thought you would like to get a pic of a deer next to the farm”!! Right!! Im sure that if a deer was standing there, Chad slamming on the brakes and driving the Jeep into the yard next to him would’ve made the critter stand there in curiosity wondering what these humans are up to now! Instead, it was just one of the WHITE llamas eating. I’m sure they all saw us drive into the yard, then out again, which made them shake their heads thinking to themselves, ‘yep, they’re at it again’.


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