Mothers day on the farm!

Ah mothers day. The only day of the year that is mine, mine, mine! Not Super Farmers, not the llamas, not the trouble maker (Dunkay), not the mini tank, not the old goat, not the turkeys who bark at the neighbors, and definitely not the pig that who now waddles because she wont stop eating!
I will not share it with any of them. I’ve been working on my ‘you all must do for me on MY special day’ list for 8 weeks now! It is now up 35.5 pages…I’m so proud of myself! The first thing on my list is breakfast made before I get up from bed with all my favorite foods! I woke up this morning to the aroma of maple syrup on pancakes…so far Super Farmer is on my other list…the one everyone wants to be on today…the mama is still happy list! He is now doing dishes, took the trash out, took care of the dogs, and is waiting on me. If he keeps this up, he will be as happy as I am all day! The animals know from past Mother Days, that they too want to be on my ‘happy mama’ list. Super Farmer already gave them his famous ‘ you better be good and make your mama feel special all day’ speech. He ran out there after breakfast, lined them up, then did his drill sargent walk and talk. I could see him pointing (mostly at Dunkay) and his mouth moving. And of course, the horse fell asleep, the old goat walked away, the alpaca nodded his head in agreement, the llamas Sweetie and Violet keep glancing at each other, Sammie slowly backed away and snuck back into the barn and Remi the waddling pig, followed him as he marched back and forth, waving his arms drilling the animals, snorting and grunting trying to get him to feed her! I can check off my early morning amusement and concentrate on the honey-do list that starts before he gets back inside the house! Oh it’s going to be a wonderful, relaxing, happy, lots of things done for ME, ME, ME kind of day!
Oh Chadwick…my coffee needs to be refilled and chippie has to go out! Can you please put those twigs down and come inside the house to fill up my coffee cup again?? Yes, honey, your still on my ‘ if I’m happy, your happy’ list!


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