The bees and the robe?

So, the other morning, I was sitting in my nice comfy lazyboy, relaxing with my kitty when he started to act all playful by swatting at my red puppy dog robe. I kinda giggled at his playfulness and kept watching the news. Then I started to hear a loud buzzing noise. I sorta looked around as the kitty was picking up his  not so playful swatting at my robe while standing in attack mode! The buzzing became louder and angrier. The kitty was now in a frenzy!  Biscuit perked up and ran over to see why  the cat was excitedly jumping around attacking me!! Thats when I realized the buzzing sound was coming from INSIDE my robe! I jumped up, the cat fell onto Biscuit, he barked at the cat, I did my own little yelp with a ‘get-it-away-from-me dance’ as I frantically struggled to get my robe off as the buzzing became louder! I finally torn off the robe, threw it on the floor and stepped back! Im not kidding, a larger than a humming bird bumble bee, flew out going towards the glass door! The cat sprang into attack mode again, sprinted between my legs and crashed into the door! At this point, I’m like…’really’? I opened the door, the bee flew out with the cat a buzz behind him. Last I saw, the bumble and its feline nightmare were headed towards one of the llamas munching in the front yard. Maybe that’s why I saw a couple of llamas gallop past the window a few minutes later…the cat was still chasing the bee in their direction!


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