Talking to myself in public

So, I was in wal mart yesterday looking at the flowers because I need prettiness, some color, a girly look on the farm besides hay,  fur balls and feathers floating through the air, gray duct tape holding up our fence, or animal poop…you know, the classic farm look. Anyhoo…I was standing there looking at all the colorful flowers trying to remember which ones the llamas ate or left alone. As usual,  I was talking to myself out loud (like I do with the Kroger self check out machines), saying things like…

” now, did those llamas eat these last year? I wonder if the goat would eat this plant, of course Dunkay will eat them all, so I have to keep him away from everything, wait a minute, if I put poop on the plants, the animals wont come near them, but then my whole yard will smell like poop,  why cant I just get the flowers I want without an animal chomping them down to sticks!!”

As I was having this discussion with myself out loud, I saw an elderly couple standing there. She elbowed her hubby and nodded towards me. I shyly smiled at them.  He grinned and she grabbed his arm pulling him away from lady who talks about putting poop on her flowers to nobody but herself!


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