Chasing chickens through the rain

Sheesh. Its storming outside and I could hear my kitty meowing to be let in. So I opened the front door and called her. What did I get? Three hens and C.S. (our rooster) who came running out from underneath the furniture. There they stood, the four of them looking up at me with a ‘well…you gonna let us in or what?’ expression! I go out the door, in public, in my puppy dog robe and pink minion slipper socks to chase them off my porch, back towards the barn where they belong! I got half way through the front yard when it dawned on me that once again, I was in my fluffy red robe, in the front yard where everyone can see me chasing a small flock of chickens through the rain! I turned around and ran back to my porch as the chickens followed me. Thank goodness I made it safely to the house without anyone seeing me! The chickens snuck back under the furniture, and the cat ran to the back porch where she is now meowing to be let in!


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