Sale day!

Yep, its sale day alright! All the animals are lined up at the fence waiting for Kyle to come babysit them for the day! I can see them whispering to each other, making a plan on how to make his visit an unpleasant one! They know that they can tease him, intimidate him into giving them extra treats and just plain ol harras him because it’s fun. I always have to do a little fast talking with my son to get him to agree to sit at the farm all day. I promise him things that are impossible to fill, like the animals WILL behave (hahahahaha), there will be NO trouble, the day will go fast…you know little white lies that I pray will come true for him. After Kyle gets here, I will do my famous, ever so boring lecture to the barn animals before I go (that puts them in a zone) , say a desperate prayer, and head out before Kyle realizes that the animals already has his day planned out for him!
Good luck child of mine, it’s been awhile since the llamas and Dunkay has had a good old ‘tease the humans’ day… they are long overdue for some barnyard mischief!!


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