Llamas running down the road!

I’m peacefully sitting in my office with my pups, when they jumped up and started to bark like there’s something going on that I should be aware of. So I got up, looked out the window and saw Sweetie our llama trotting down the road. Really? A llama on the run? Where’s that pig! I run to the door tripping over a dog and a cat or two who is screeching over a stepped on tail. Super Farmer was out there already in his suit and tie herding not one, but two llamas back towards the farm.  You see, he left for work and was halfway down the road when a nagging thought came to mind…’did that gate shut behind me?’ He turned around and raced back home to find Sweetie munching on the lush green grass in our neighbor’s yard. Violet was standing in the road trying to decide which yard to attack first. He stopped his car in the middle of the road, jumped out and went after the nearest llama. Well, llamas don’t like it when you move quickly towards them, they go into flight mode. So off they went in the opposite direction! I cant go out there because I’m still in my red puppy dog robe and pink minion slipper socks (so much for a PJ work morning)…I have to draw a line somewhere you know! I’ve already had strangers watch me dance with a donkey, chase pigs, hide behind my Jeep in my robe spying on animals, stand on my front porch in my robe taking pics, sing to llamas, run around with a goat behind me to get exercise, have melt downs in the middle of the pasture where I stomp my feet, waving my arms…well, you get it. I am NOT going to run down the street in a red puppy dog robe behind Chad who is in a suit and tie, chasing a llama! Nope, ain’t gonna do it! He was on his own!! He came back (without a llama), threw the trash can lid open, dug through the trash to find an empty sweet grain bag to trick those llamas into thinking he had a treat for them! Back out to the street he went to get his girls!  One thing about 99.9% of farm animals, if they  see a bag or cup of grain, they will follow you anywhere! It worked! Sweetie came galloping back with Violet a hoof or two behind her! He led them back through the gate, threw the bag down and let them attack it. I clapped and told him what a good Super Farmer he is, he glared at me without answering, waved to the nice man in the truck who was forced to stop as the Addie circus  performed live before his very eyes, letting him know that it’s now safe to drive again.
At the moment, all is back to normal…whatever that is.


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