The cookie thief

This is so funny! I gave Remi Doodles a cookie for a treat. One of the turkeys ran up, grabbed it out of her chewing mouth and ran with it towards the barn. The pig stood there for a few seconds with a stunned look on her face…then she took off after the turkey who made a right turn and flapped towards the front pasture with the treat hanging out of her beak where Dunkay was standing watching the show. The pig caught up with the feathered fiend who dropped the yummy morsal. BUT, before the pig could gobble it up, the donkey galloped over and snatched the cookie a mere inch away from the pigs snout! Dunkay ate it without chewing as poor Remi stood there looking up at the cookie thief snorting. I scolded Dunkay but I could tell he didn’t care. He strutted past the unhappy, snorting pig with a smuged look on his face. I patted Remi on the head telling her sorry.


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